The meaning and symbolism of honey in our dreams

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Honey symbolizes sweetness and prosperity. But, in our dreams, does honey symbolizes the same?
Many have said that honey inside our dreams is mostly a good sign and will usually cause us joy. Let us find out together what are those different dreams and different meanings of honey in our dreams.

• Eating bread dipped in honey
When you dream about eating bread dipped in honey, that dream means prosperity and wealth might be coming in your way.

• Honey in a glass
When you dream about honey in a glass, that dream could mean pregnancy or a good news is approaching. Honey in a glass could mean positivity in every way.

• Stealing honey
When you dream of stealing honey, that could mean unhappiness within the family or someone might be going somewhere that will make your family incomplete. Stealing is never a good deed and never a good sign.

• Licking honey
When you dream of licking honey, this could mean that you will apparently have a sexual affair with someone in the near future.

• Honey dripping from honeycombs
When you dream of honey dripping from honeycombs, it is a clear sign of over-spilling luck. This might be having so much luck with your business or other money matters.

• Eating honey
When you dream of eating honey, it is a sign of contentment in life. This could mean you are financially prepared and your health is stable enough.

• Buying honey
When you dream about buying honey, this is a sign of love and affection. This could mean you are always choosing the best for your family’s health.

Honey can always  give us the best of everything, both in dreams and reality. It is clearly a gift from up above that gives us beautiful things in every way.



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